Money attracting methods that really work! Pt3- Subliminal Messages

Money attracting methods that really work! Pt3- Subliminal Messages

What are subliminal Messages? These are stimuli that lie under the threshold of our consciousness. They are hidden and cannot be found even if we really try hard to look for them because they are present at a level below the human brain’s absolute conscious threshold.

These messages are often used by marketers, media personnel and advertisers to influence their audience by using different stimuli like flashes of light and words, images that are hidden and sounds that cannot be seen or heard consciously.

1. Sub-Visual Subliminal – Consists of visual stimuli flashed for few milliseconds or even less.

2. Sub-Audible Subliminal – Music and sound that consists of hidden low volume sounds.

3. Back-Mashing – A message that is disguised by playing it in reverse.

How Do Audio Subliminals Work?

These influencing messages include sounds of low volume and intensity that are played along with loud sounds like music and are unheard by the audience, consciously. They, however, reach the subconscious mind of the listener where he or she is able to perceive them and act on the suggestions without objection. 

Why Do We Need Subliminal Messages?

The human brain can be divided into two parts, the surface mind and the deeper mind. The former type, although awake and active, only process limited thoughts at a given time. The latter type holds most of the intelligence, wisdom and memories and is capable of processing millions of thoughts every second.

To influence someone to make a decision or develop an opinion, you may need to reach their subconscious deeper brain with subliminal messages.

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