Law Of Attraction & Wealth Creation.

Law Of Attraction & Wealth Creation.

There was a time in my life when I thought that having money and wealth cannot ever happen to me, because I thought that I could never escape from the poverty that I was living in. I thought that only the wealthy get more wealthy, and I was right!

Why would I be so right?

The wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer – because like attracts like, and that is how the law of attraction works.

Observe how, if one is brought up in a rich family, he or she will become adults and never have any problem with money. That is because they have been programmed that they are rich and that abundance lives in their house. On the contrary, when one is brought up in a poor family he or she becomes poor, just living off their wages as adults.

It is all about programming.

The boy or girl who came from a rich family were programmed abundance in their mind. They talked abundance, they walked abundance and they even slept with and hugged abundance. 

Others talked about being poor. How being poor affected their lives, how they were sad etc. They just got sadder, and the energy surrounding them was always dull, and so they lived on a low plane all their lives. This was transcended to their children and their children passed it on to their children. They lived in poverty, because in their minds, poverty was their life, and so generation after generation lived in poverty.

Until one day, one of the children recognised the shift in thinking, he must do to change all this. 

He recognised the law of attraction, and he shifted his perception into a perception of abundance. It took him a long time but he persisted and he won. He became wealthy and rich.

How do you look at money? 

A lot of people look at money as though it was some kind of evil. In fact, it depends how to use money. Yes, I would say the world has been blinded by money but now take a look at your own experience with money.

Look at money as something that would make you happy. Look at money as a source of abundance. Look at money as energy which in fact it is. If you are living poorly that is energy, and if you live your life as a rich man that is also energy. You see two different kinds of energy!

Look at money as a source of abundance of having what you want, when you want. Shift that perception of seeing money as evil, to that of seeing money as something beneficial. Remember that you have to think like rich people in order to become rich.

Rich people never think of money as being evil. They embrace the energy of money, and so they live in abundance. Poor people look at money as, bad and end up fretting on how they lack money. Hence they keep feeding that idea. Change that energy to a positive one that embraces abundance, and living in abundance.

Live wealthy and in abundance now!

If you want to be wealthy you have to live in wealth and abundance now. This will seem impossible at first. I have gone through this by myself. I know the feeling. You will fall down many times but keep in insisting that you are wealthy.

You can give money freely because, you have a lot to give. Give money to the poor even when you do not have money to give. Give just the same.

Practice the art of giving. Give even when you have little to give, and do not be afraid. Fear is your greatest obstacle. Do not be afraid that your pay won’t last. It will last if you believe to be so.

In life faith is everything. I have been through this already and found out that when you have faith, everything is possible. Just believe, and it will be so! 

Being wealthy and rich is not an easy task if you have been living your life with a constant, low self-belief about money and wealth. But through constant affirmations and believing that you are rich, you will slowly begin to manifest your reality and make your wealth. You will not believe it at first. (Hence the need for affirmations and visualisations).

If you fall, make sure to get up again.

Do not discourage yourself if you find it hard to believe it. It is ok to keep saying affirmations and not believing them at first.

The important thing is that you keep on persisting that you are wealthy. The perfect time will come to you when you being wealthy will be your reality.

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