4 Self Improvement Exercise You Can Do In The Shower – Your productive morning routine.

4 Self Improvement Exercise You Can Do In The Shower – Your productive morning routine.

Taking the shower and cleaning our body is something that we all do, at least once a day. And, we often do this ritual routinely and mechanically. But, giving that showering lasts a few minutes, we can use that time for something that will add positive effects on our whole day. We can apply some self-improvement techniques to our productive morning routine. 

The first technique- Gratitude

You’ve probably already heard how important gratitude is. Somebody once said that “the ones that are grateful are the ones who are living a truly happy life”. And that is true. You see, when you are grateful, when you are truly grateful, you experience positive emotions. And when you are experiencing positive emotions, you are vibrating highly, and the Universe sends you more and more things to be grateful for.

So, during your shower, instead of not thinking about anything in particular, think about how blessed you are to have some of those things in your life. Take a moment to be grateful for that hot water you have, be grateful for a meal you’ve eaten today, be grateful for the clothes you have, for your job, your family, etc.

You have so many things in your life to be grateful for. Gratitude is one of the emotions with the highest vibration, so take advantage of that and use the gratitude to attract more wonderful things to your life.

The second technique- Sending love and forgiveness to the others

Instead of being angry at somebody who may have done something bad to you, take a moment during your shower, to say out loud the following sentence: “ I forgive you, and I send you love. I know that you’ve done the best you could.”. After saying this sentence a few times, you will begin to feel better. 

The third technique- Visualisation

During your shower, you can close your eyes and visualise the things that you want to experience in your real life. Imagine whatever you want to attract, and imagine how it would be to have those things you are dreaming of. The relaxation and the visualisation will increase your vibration and the manifestations will come faster. When you are relaxed, you are vibrating highly, and when you vibrate high, the Universe hears your desires loud and clear. 

The fourth technique-A love letter to yourself

Most of us have written a love letter to somebody. But, have you ever written that love letter to yourself? Try it, it is wonderful! There isn’t a person on this planet that you should love more than yourself. During your shower, close your eyes, and name all the reasons why you love yourself. Name all the positive things that you love about yourself, name all the good things you’ve done, name all of the achievements. It feels good to say these things to yourself, try it. 

Choose one of these self-improvement techniques, combine some of them, or use them all while you’re in the shower. We guarantee that you will feel better and that your vibration will grow. Spend some time with yourself, and you will soon improve yourself. 

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