4 Easy Ways to Become a Money Magnet

4 Easy Ways to Become a Money Magnet

If you dream about bountiful bundles of cash and want to be wonderfully wealthy then these are the hacks for you. If your finances are at the top of your manifestation goals then look no further and have a go at these creative and effective techniques that’ll transform you into a money magnet.  

The Magic Cheque

Energy is a currency, just the same as money, and when we cash in we get something in return. Take the time today to bill the Universe and give out the energy that you want to receive. The Magic Cheque, developed by Rhonda Byrne for her bestselling book ‘The Magic’, is one of the most effective and creative methods you can use. This powerful practice has allowed countless people to manifest large amounts of money and fulfill their financial goals. 

How To

Head over to The Secret website, download the blank cheque, and fill out the details with your name, the amount that you want to attract, and today’s date. Know that as soon as you write out the amount that you want the Universe will deliver it to you. Carry the check with you as your journey through your day and feel as if the Universe has personally written it out for the sole purpose of offering you more money. Start mentally planning how you will spend the money with confidence because it’s yours!

Add to the Fun

Team up with someone you trust and send each other Magic Cheques in the post without telling each other when you are going to send them. Doing this will encourage the feeling of expecting cheques in the mail and will amplify the feeling of excitement, improving your relationship with money, making you feel more abundant in the process. 

Meditate and Visualise

It’s raining money, hallelujah!

Use the power of your mind to visualize abundance pouring down upon you from the heavens. This exercise is an effective way to put you on the path of wealth and magnetize more money to you. Visualization is the practice of using your thoughts and creative energy to paint a picture of something that you would like to manifest into physical form – attracting your desires to you. Your thoughts are a light form of energy compared to matter, which is comparatively dense, therefore it can be molded into whatever form you wish, resulting in manifestation. 

How To

Follow this guided visual meditation to attract money to you…

1. Take a few deep and steady breaths, allowing your body to relax before closing your eyes.

2. Count down slowly from 10 to 0, inhaling and exhaling on each count. 

3. See yourself standing in the middle of a field full of golden ears of wheat that sparkle in the sunlight. The clouds overhead are wispy and white.

4. Visualize money raining down upon you from above, filling your pockets, and covering the ground around you. 

5. The longer you stand under the money shower, the stronger the flow becomes.

6. Keep this visual for as long as you can and get excited! Feel wealthy and keep a tally of how much money is raining down upon you. As that figure in your mind increases, know that the Universe will conspire to make these changes in your physical life.

7. When you are ready, slowly draw yourself out of your meditation, flexing your body gently to ease yourself back into your body.

8. Take one final deep breath and say thank you, for the money is yours.

Make It Real

Why not hold real money in your hands while you are meditating. Pennies or notes, large or small, the form and amount are up to you. The feeling of holding money in your hands will help to connect with the feeling of abundance. 

Window Shopping

What would you do if you were given an unlimited bank card and what’s the first thing that you would buy? Let your imagination run wild at the thought of you being able to purchase whatever you want and tap into the energetic feeling of prosperity. Window shopping and planning for your life of luxury will put you in alignment with money and draw you toward manifesting your dreams and desires. This is an enjoyable process that should be done with a light heart and an open spirit.

How To

Make a list of everything that you would like to buy, from clothes to cars – list it all and don’t hold back. Once you’ve finished writing out your desires, get out there, and start browsing! If you’d like to buy your dream home then take a trip to the area that you’d like to live in and look at the houses or go to an estate agent and view the listings in the window. Want a new wardrobe? Go into a nice store and get acquainted with the clothes. Go into the fitting room and try them on, take pictures of yourself wearing them, write down the name of the items, ready for the moment when you do buy it.

Can’t Get Out and About?

It is just as effective to do this technique online if you find that you’re not able to shop instore. Add the products that you want to your basket and bookmark your favorite websites. Digital or not, it’s all about getting into the swing of acting as if and accepting that you create your own reality. 

The 4×44 Method

You might’ve heard of the 5×55 method, but what about 4×44? This technique will help you to manifest the money you need in 4 days, with a little dedication, consistency, and an understanding of numerology. We’re talking huge gains and fast manifestations that will take your bank balance from 0 to 100. 

How To

First, think about the figure that you want to manifest and then find yourself a notepad or a journal, set your intention, and write out an affirmative statement relating to your desire. For example, if you want to manifest £100 then state:

‘I am so grateful for the extra £100 that I have in my bank account.’


‘I have manifested £100!’

Then take your affirmation and write it out 44 times a day over 4 days. When you are writing your statement out, feel as if it is true, and be grateful that you have attracted the exact amount that you need.

So Why Not Try 5×55 Instead?

According to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life the number ‘5’ in 5×55, also known as Geburah, is the energy of destruction. The number 4, on the other hand, carries the conscious energy of abundance and prosperity – this is known as Chesed. The number of times that you repeat an action, especially when you are trying to manifest something specific, can be just as important as what you are writing with this specific technique.    


Whether or not you have the money at this moment it is yours right from the point that you set your intention. Claim wealth and prosperity with every little thing that you do and it will manifest into your experience.

“Let yourself feel happy about the abundance you will have, because it will come.” ~ Natalie Ledwell

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