Money attracting methods that really work. Pt1 – Affirmations

Money attracting methods that really work. Pt1 – Affirmations

The mind is our most powerful tool and we can use it to change the direction and tone of our lives. Our beliefs, the way that we think and our feelings determine how we move through life and can make or break the outcome of our reality. Using affirmations to improve the way that we think about ourselves and the world around us will shift our entire existence into a new and positive light.

Affirmations are powerful statements that aim to rewire the conscious mind. It is a tool used to help with overcoming self-sabotaging and negative thought patterns. Through research, it has been deciphered that using affirmations will not only reprogram your mind but it can help to improve signs of anxiety and depression.

Affirmations can be used in any situation or circumstance and will spark positive changes in your life. Whether you want to improve your love life or manifest some serious cash, using the right affirmations for you will help you to connect with your inner power and create the life that you have always wanted. 

Louise Hay

The How-To

Kick start your morning with 5 powerful affirmations and repeat this practice for 28 days to see the full effect of its magic. When you declare something and truly believe in what you are saying you are speaking it into existence. The messages that we feed our brains are essential to whether or not we improve the quality of our life, so choose words of abundance and carefully select the right statements for you.

There are only two rules when it comes to affirmations, they must be in the present tense and they must be positive. Fact or fiction, if the statements that you use are in the right tense then the mind will eventually establish it to be true. Affirmations will train your brain to accept the new belief that you want to implement and so you will eventually start to emit the frequency of that which you want.

Repetition is key. Reciting affirmations regularly will raise your vibration and help you to align with the statements that you put out into the Universe. Changing deeply ingrained habits or beliefs takes consistency and with time and effort your life will start to shift and reflect the affirmations that you use. 

Why is it better to use affirmations in the morning?

Though you can use affirmations at any time in the day, putting them into practice in the morning is a great way to start your day on a positive note. Morning affirmations will set you up for a day of success and will raise your vibration so that every moment is filled with joy, prosperity, and contentment. 

Louise Hay

Practice Makes Perfect

Incorporating affirmations into your routine will shift your reality to great heights and will help you to fulfill your biggest goals and desires. Try out these steps and stimulate the manifestation process so that you can allow abundance to flow into your life.

1. Right before you go to sleep, take a piece of paper or your journal and write out how you would like your life to be.

2. Reflect on your dreams and ask yourself what kind of mindset do I need to have so that I may achieve my goals

3. Write out some positive affirmations that reflect on the attitude that you need to manifest your desires. Start by writing powerful prompts such as ‘I am’, ‘I have’ or ‘I can’.

4. Place them somewhere where they will be the last thing you see before you sleep and the first thing you see when you wake up.

5. In the morning, take your affirmations and face a mirror where you can see yourself in full.

6. Start to speak your affirmations and look at yourself as you do so.

7. Feel the emotions as you recite them and act as if they are true. Smile and get excited, for your new lifestyle is on it’s way to you.

8. When you have finished, say thank you to the Universe for delivering your wishes to you.

28 Powerful Affirmations, Just for You

Need a helping hand? Here are some of the most effective affirmations that you can use to help get your creative juices flowing and change your life. Whatever area of your life that you want to improve you can upgrade your circumstances and become a vibrational match with everything that you desire.


  • 1. I am abundant
  • 2. Money flows into my life effortlessly  
  • 3. My income exceeds my expenses
  • 4 . I am financially free
  • 5. I. am. rich!
  • 6.  I am drenched in wealth
  • 7. I was made to be prosperous


  • 1. My health is in the best condition that it has even been in 
  • 2. I have a spectacular body that works perfectly
  • 3. I feel younger and more exuberant every day
  • 4. Every cell in my body is full of positive energy
  • 5. I am strong and fit
  • 6. I love the body that I am in 
  • 7. With each passing moment, I feel energized and refreshed


  • 1. I am worthy of love
  • 2. My heart is open to love 
  • 3. Thank you for connecting me with my soulmate
  • 4. My relationship s are fulfilling
  • 5. I am loveable
  • 6. I am so grateful that I have met the one
  • 7. I give love to the people around me and receive it tenfold in return


  • 1. Everything that I do is for the good of myself and those around me
  • 2. I am so grateful for everything that I experience in this life 
  • 3. I am a miracle magnet
  • 4. I deserve all the goodness that this Universe has to offer
  • 5. My life is full of joy and happiness 
  • 6. I attract everything that I desire
  • 7. I am the co-creator of my life

The simple act of using affirmations every day will change your life exponentially. Be mindful, positive, and stay assured that what you declare to be true will manifest itself. The longer your focus on a subject the faster it will work its way into your life. You are meant to feel jubilant, pleasure, and positivity, empower yourself and create anything you want with the power of affirmations.

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