Law of Attraction Vibration – Tune in to your desires!

Law of Attraction Vibration – Tune in to your desires!

Walk into a book shop and you’re guaranteed to find a best-seller on the Law of Attraction, it’s one of the most talked-about new thought topics since The Secret had its breakthrough debut in 2007. But what about the Law of Vibration? It’s the lesser-known sibling to the Law of Attraction and yet it is fundamentally one of the most important laws in the Universe. 

The Law of Attraction states that thoughts become things, be they positive or negative. What you focus on will expand in your conscious reality and so through the Law of Attraction, we have been taught to think positive thoughts and visualize our life-long goals so that they may manifest into our experience. 

The Law of Vibration

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy – it cannot be created or destroyed, it can only move in and out of form. The very nature of this substance is to manifest according to not only our thoughts but our feelings. Our emotional state dictates the rate that we are vibrating at which therefore demonstrates that energy vibrates at different frequencies according to the form that it has taken on

So what does this mean?

Whether a material is solid or liquid it is still made of the same substance, energy. This includes our thoughts which have their own precise, energetic molecules. The Law of Vibration states that our feelings have a vibrational frequency that works to magnetise what they are aligned to. If we are experiencing positive emotions then our emotional state is in a high frequency and therefore we will attract like for like. If we are feeling negative then our low vibrational frequency will attract more of the same. 

The Relationship Between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration 

Where one focuses on thought and the other on vibration, the combination of the two can create a powerful recipe for extraordinary manifestations. By consciously focusing on positive thoughts and learning to adjust the frequency of our emotional state, we can activate and utilize the power of our inner creator and the Universe to attract circumstances and situations. This will not only change our lives for the better but it can improve the earthly experience for all of mankind. 

By working on ourselves internally we can expand our consciousness externally and sculpt the very dynamics of our lives. Our minds are powerful transmitters that send our deepest desires out into the Universe, tapping into the magic of vibration will not only elevate your manifestation game but it will set a precedence for more positivity and vitality into your life. 

Thought + Feeling

This is the perfect equation for effortless manifestation, take onboard these methods that will allow you to bring two of the most powerful forces in the Universe together to use at your disposal.


Meditation is a powerful tool that will boost your level of consciousness and help you to connect with your creative power. Sprinkle in a little Law of Attraction and vibrational magic to take your powers to the next level and cultivate never before seen levels of abundance. 

When you meditate and start to visualize the scenes of what you want to manifest, let the pictures of your imagination fuel emotions inside of you that will evoke the positive vibrations needed to help you align with your dreams. See yourself living the life that you desire and allow the sensation of happiness, joy, expectation, and fulfillment radiate inside of you so that it may attract your goals. Think affirmative thoughts that aptly reflect your vision and let your focus remain on what you want.  

Source energy will answer your call and, through this practice, it will deliver your wishes to you. This act of deliberate creation is the best of both worlds where thought and frequency co-exist and harmonize together, giving you the opportunity to fast-track and progress toward the physical formation of your goals. 

The Power of the Pen

Feel good and spark the creative process by tapping into the power of scripting. It is the process of writing out what you desire in absolute detail so that it may manifest into your experience. Scripting can help you to make sense of your dreams while evoking the magic of the Universe. Simply take a piece of paper, pick up a pen, and write out exactly how you envision your dream life to be, right down to the very last detail. Hold your focus on what you are writing and think clearly about what outcome or situation that you want to happen.

Take this technique to the next level and connect your emotions to your goals. While you are writing, imagine that your words are coming to life with each flick of your pen. As it glides across the page, immerse yourself in the feelings that it may bring and feel your vibration rising higher as you continue this practice. Treat it as if it is an assignment from the Universe and that with each passing moment what you write is manifesting. Feel as if you are already in the moment that you are describing and allow your new and improved state to penetrate through every ounce of your being.   


Your vibrational state will yield consistent results of like for like manifestations at every single moment. Paying attention to our emotions helps us to connect with who we truly are as we learn to control the way that we react to the outside world around us. Working with the two laws side by side, they will swiftly formulate the inception of your dreams, giving you the effortless ability to manifest anything that you please. Enjoy the smooth, abundant flow of life-affirming energy that is the product of the conscious synchronicity of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration.  

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