Law of Attraction doesn’t work? How to see results at last!

Law of Attraction doesn’t work? How to see results at last!

You’ve read about the Law of Attraction, asked the Universe for what you want, and then… nothing. The Universe is always in our favor but every now and then we might need a little boost if things don’t work out the way that we planned. If you’re struggling to manifest and want to get the results that you’re looking for then look no further, we’ve outlined the golden truths and tricks that you need to get the Law of Attraction to work for you.

So Why Isn’t It Working??

How much do you believe in your ability to manifest your goals? How badly do you trust the Universe to deliver what you want to you? Faith is the key to unlocking any door that stands in the way of you and your dreams and trusting the process will allow you to receive everything that you want.

If you have doubts then let them go, the world around you mirrors everything that you are thinking and feeling, so having second thoughts about whether or not your dreams will be brought into your reality will ensure that it remains exactly that, a dream. The Law of Attraction is always working whether you are consciously using it or not, there is no pause button but we can rewind our behaviors and align ourselves with what we want.

Raise Your Vibration and Let Go

The creative force of this Universe is responding to everything that you think and feel. Worrying about whether or not it will happen will stop your manifestation in its tracks, delaying it from coming to you. If you want the Law of Attraction to work for you then it’s time to let go. Release your fears and believe that you have already received what you are asking for. 

If you are not receiving then you are not connecting, this is the broken link that prevents you from experiencing the magic that the Universe has to offer. Put yourself in the picture of your dream life and truly see yourself enjoying the pleasure that attracting your dreams will bring you. The only barrier that stands in the way of you and your goals is you. 

Everything begins and ends with the energy that you surround yourself with, your beliefs determine the outcome of your life whether it’s positive or negative. When you put emotion into what you are manifesting it is essential that you are choosing the right ones. Happiness, gratitude, and joy, are the emotions that will keep your vibrational state in a positive place allowing you to rapidly manifest everything that you want. Stress, anxiety, and fear, all are negative vibrations that will keep your dreams from you.

So which person do you want to be? The positive, master manifester that can bring their wildest dreams to life? The choice is yours. You can move mountains and create the circumstances you want, no matter what they are. All the love, prosperity, and abundance in this world are yours for the taking, you are beyond powerful and full of divine magic. Recognize the truth in who you are and the Law of Attraction will forever work in your favor. 

Shift Your Focus

If your reality doesn’t match the picture in your mind, know that it is only for the time being. Allow your awareness to remain firmly on your desires. What you give your attention to will manifest, so choose to focus on what you want and not on the lack of it in your life. Your desires will show up, there is no question about that and once you know this you will activate the most powerful depths of your ability to create the life that you want.

Start to visualise and see yourself living the life that you have dreamt of. Let your imagination move you and evoke the feeling of expectation. Use your five senses to bring the images in your mind to life – feel it, see it, taste it, smell it, and hear it. When you put your everything into your creative powers that energy will manifest itself into your experience.

The outside world is the effect of your thoughts so radiate with gratitude for all that you have and all that you will receive. Being thankful for everything that is already in your experience will change your perspective on life and bring more abundance to you. Gratitude is magnetic and can bring miraculous transformations for any circumstance that may come your way. 

If your efforts to manifest what you want are leaving you feeling stifled then add gratitude to your daily routine and watch your entire life change for the better. You cannot receive if you are ungrateful for your life, by uttering the words ‘thank you’ you will open yourself up to more blessings and bliss than you could ever imagine. As they say, it’s better to lose count naming your blessings than to lose your blessings by counting your troubles.

Take a look around you, face your current reality head-on and say thank you. If you’re struggling with money worries then say thank you for all the money that you’ve ever earned in your life. If you’re single and feel loneliness say thank you for the time that it has given you to learn to love yourself. If you have been taken ill say thank you for the moments when you had optimal health. Give thanks and feel it! By doing this you will experience the dazzling, breathtaking magic of the Source energy. 


The most incredible moments of your life are waiting for you to claim them, with a little trust and the right energy you can experience the most thrilling and life-changing synergy that is the Law of Attraction. Respond to your fears and doubts with love and compassion, all the while knowing that you are in complete control of your destiny. You are the creator of your life.

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