Law of Attraction Coaching – Learn the LoA fundamentals

Law of Attraction Coaching – Learn the LoA fundamentals

The Law of Attraction says that you can transform anything from your mind to your reality. Anything you wish, you can achieve. Sounds easy? Well, if you follow the additional instructions, it surely is. Whatever you want to attract and manifest, you can do it. But, there are several steps to this process. 

First of all, you need to speak out your wish, your dream, your desire. You must be concrete in your demands. If you want to change something in your life, if you want to improve some field in your life, you must set a concrete goal. 

After setting the goal, you need to focus on that goal, and you need to work on it. You can do that, using these Law of Attraction methods and techniques. 

Visualisation and Affirmations. 

Visualisation is a wonderful method that can help you raise your vibration in a moment. By imagining a scenario of having the thing that you want, you are vibrating like you already have that thing. And when you are vibrating like you are having a specific thing, the Universe responds to you by sending you more and more of the things that are going to make you feel the same.
Affirmations are also very helpful when it comes to raising your vibration. By writing down, or saying out loud Affirmations (positive sentences of the things that you want to experience in your real life), you are, at the same time, raising your vibration, and sending the message to the Universe what it is that you want to get. 

So, if you want to attract and manifest something, you must behave like you already have that thing, and you must sense the emotion of having that thing. 

Get Into The Vortex

And why these techniques are important? Well, it is because we are attracting and manifesting things in our life with the help of our vibrations and our emotions, and these techniques are helping us to feel good (to experience positive emotions), and when we feel good, our vibration is rising, our vibration is moving higher on the emotional guidance scale. When we spend enough time feeling good and vibrating high, that means that we are spending time in Vortex. Vortex is the place where all of our dreams, wishes, and goals are fulfilled. 

After you’ve entered the Vortex, the Universe will bring all of the things you wanted into reality. Your dreams, wishes, desires, and goals will materialize in your life.


So, to summarise- if you want to attract something, first you need to set the goal, you need to know exactly what it is that you want to attract. After that, you need to work on your vibration– you need to make yourself feel good, and to help your vibration to growWhen your vibration is high enough, you will enter in Vortex. And when you are in Vortex, the Universe can hear loud and clear what it is that you want to experience in your real life, and the Universe will send you that. 

By using these Law of Attraction techniques, you can attract anything you want. Nothing is impossible. Take advantage of this wonderful gift you have as a conscious creator of your life, and create and manifest the life you will enjoy! 

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