How to Learn the Law of Attraction and Manifestation – A Step by Step guide.

How to Learn the Law of Attraction and Manifestation – A Step by Step guide.

Pick a dream, any dream – the sky’s the limit. Whether you want the perfect partner or that multi-million pound business you can be, do or achieve anything that you want with the Law of Attraction. Manifesting the life that you’ve always wanted is right at your fingertips, so how can you use the Law of Attraction?

First let’s establish this, what is the Law of Attraction?  

We are all bound by the laws of the Universe, the mystical rules that were written in the stars govern over everything that we do. The Law of Attraction is no exception. Everything that we think and feel has the power to manifest itself into our lives, we are a magnet to everything around us and the frequency of our vibration will synchronize various events within our lives. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, meaning that what you put out into the Universe you will get back in return.

We are all connected, everything in this Universe is made up of energy – it is the very fabric of our being. The energy from our thoughts and vibration will align itself causing it to manifest into our experience. There are no coincidences, everything is designed and we are the creators of our world. 

So How Can You Use the Law of Attraction to Your Advantage?

You are an infinite being and there are no limits to what you can manifest into your life. You can use the Law of Attraction to attract wealth, health, love, and all the abundance that you could ever dream of. Knowing how to use the law to create the life that you desire can change your world forever. So what’s the magic formula? Ask. Believe. Receive. 


If you could have anything that you want what would it be? In order for you to start the manifestation process, you need to outline the details of what you want and set an intention. You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant, sit down at the table, and expect your favorite food to be brought to you without placing an order, so why would the Law of Attraction be any different? 

Asking the Universe is simple, think about what you want and feel that it is already in your life. Iron out exactly what you want. If you want to manifest money then know the amount that you want to attract. If you want positive friendships in your life then outline exactly how you want those relationships to be. 


No matter what your needs are, they will be met, everything will work in your favor once you learn to let go and trust the power that you hold. Believe that you can accomplish everything that you could possibly want and relax with the knowledge that the Universe will deliver it to you. When you release any resistance that you may have, you will experience the extraordinary magic of the Universe and relish in the abundance that it bestows upon you. 

The Universe lives within us and it guides us every step of the way, offering our wishes to us when we allow it to work within our lives. Trust the process, believe in the endless possibilities that are available to you, and let go of any thoughts and beliefs that may block you from manifesting your dream life. Have unwavering faith, believe that you have received it, and know that it is yours – because it already is. 


See yourself receiving what you have asked for and feel that it has happened. Start to feel good now and you will find that you desire has manifested into your life. If your feeling state and the nature of your beliefs can shape and form everything around you then learning how to cultivate and raise your vibration is key. Simply put, keeping a positive mindset and focusing on the goodness in your life is a sure-fire way to lift your spirits and keep you in alignment with what you want. 

Feeling negative about the thing that you want to attract will only keep it out of arm’s length, instead turn any bad thoughts into positives by reflecting on the joy that it will bring you. Know in your heart that if you have asked for something it will be delivered – you are the creator of your life and you are in complete control. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself, listen to your favorite music, spend time with the people that you love, feel gratitude for the things that you already have in your life and you will receive more of it and what you have asked the Universe for.  

The Law of Attraction is always working, there is an unlimited supply of abundance and it is yours for the taking. The universal mind has given you a gift that will bring you all the opportunities and miracles that you could ever ask for. You are spirit in flesh and magnificent beyond comparison, there is nothing outside of you that you cannot change and this knowledge will shift poverty to prosperity, dissolve disease, and lure love into your existence.

Harness the power within you and start to change your life. You are a phenomenal expression of love and pure perfection, let your potential unfold and watch as tremendous amounts of blessings come your way. There is nothing too great that you can’t handle and you can manifest anything no matter how big or small. You are the genie in the lamp, grant yourself your wishes, and illuminate your life with the power of positive thinking. 

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