Money attracting methods that really work! Pt4 – Journaling with the Law of Attraction

Money attracting methods that really work! Pt4 – Journaling with the Law of Attraction

When I was young and felt bored at school, I would fetch my notebook and begin to write my goals and my dreams for the future. It was 1990 back then and I was only seven years old. We knew nothing about scripting, or journaling, or the law of attraction. 

But, I think we always knew. The spirit in mankind always knows. It knows its destiny before the story takes place. 

The Law of attraction had always existed, yet it was hidden from the majority of normal people. The famous and the elite knew it. 

It is the secret behind the secret!

It is the realization that a thought has power. A thought has tremendous energy and is made of the same energy that we are made of. 

When given substance it can take off at an alarming speed. 

Think of something bad, and bad things continue to happen in your life. Think of only good things, and you can expect many happy returns. 

This is the law of life. The law of the universe!

It has long been studied that if you repeat a thought in your mind over and over again it will vibrate at a high energy and it will come to life. 

There can be magic in your life. You think that dreams are hard to accomplish, but what you did not know is this. 

If you write your dream down and keep a journal, then your dream will begin to manifest in just thirty days from the first page of your journal.

Here is the Secret!

Let me tell you the “secret of the secret”, which can manifest your dreams very easily. Let me show you how I manifested my dreams, and how you too can manifest your dream very fast. 

Grab a pen and some paper. (It is best if you buy a notebook. In this way you can dedicate this notebook to your dreams and to scripting.)

Write a paragraph or two listing the desires and goals that you wish to have in the near future. Start your scripting with ‘I am happy and grateful now that I have ….. (list your goals and dreams) 

Talk to friends!

Start speaking to your friends, to yourself, to your family, as though you are already experiencing the dream as your reality.

If you want to be an actor or an actress, start speaking as if you already have parts in a film. Affirm to yourself that you want to be happy and blissful. This is extremely important to do every day. Affirm: I am happy that I am alive, and living a blissful life.

Be conscious of giving love to the one who created you, to the universe, to God,to mother earth. Acknowledge and give love.

Focus your mind!

Focus daily. Remain focused and committed to your dream. Whatever you desire, it needs constant approval. It needs constant reaffirming, and constant love just like a plant. Nothing can live without constant love and nutrition. Your dream needs constant love and nutrition to be able to grow into a reality. 

This is called law of attraction journaling. Be prepared. Your dream might happen at any time, now that you have started journaling. 

It can take flight at any moment. Just like magic! Happy journaling. 

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