The Law Of Attraction Brings You Love And Relationships

The Law Of Attraction Brings You Love And Relationships

Like attracts like. Did you ever realise that maybe you cannot find the other half of you because you are not ready to attract him or her? 

I deeply believe this and even studies have shown that you are the mirror of everything you grasp in real life. Yes, even love.

Let me explain myself more here! 

You think that to attract a person that you love, you must think of that person, right? Well this might work and it might not. What works for sure is working on yourself first and focusing on yourself first and foremost.

Here is a list of things that you must do to attract love into your life:

Take care of, and love yourself!

I see a lot of people yearning for love. They are desperate for love, but this desperation only pushes love further away. A desperate soul does not attract any love. A desperate soul attracts only fear and darkness. It does not attract her other half of the soul but rather it pushes it away. 

To attract love, you have to love yourself first, and forget about it for a while. You have to enjoy being alone in your own company. In your own solitude you find yourself.

Have fun being single 

You have to enjoy being single and not regret anything about your life. Know one thing. You had planned all this before you came into this life. Your soul and your body are two separate things. The soul knew everything before it was born.

If you are single at the moment it was meant to be but there will come a time when you are not single anymore. If you are craving love then your soul had planned it as well.

Your soul had planned that you would meet somebody and be in love and thrive in love but the soul had also written that before that you need to love yourself and work on yourself.

Be completely happy and fulfilled in the present moment.

When you are completely happy you seem to be elevated to higher realms and in fact you are. In general, total happiness can be achieved by releasing your ego and living in the present moment. Releasing your expectations on what should be, and focus on the present moment. 

Visualize the love that you want.

Take a piece of paper and write at least ten attributes that you want your partner to be. Maybe you want him to be loyal, maybe you want him to be kind and generous or maybe you want him to be happy go lucky man always joking around. Whatever you want and see in him right it down. Say these everyday as affirmations and really affirm them in your mind.

Create a vision board to help you with this and even create a video with pictures or bits and pieces of love scenes in movies and create your affirmations around those scenes.

Now say them and affirm them at least two times a day. One upon waking up when your subconscious mind is still in sleeping mode and second time just before bedtime when you are relaxed.

This will change your subconscious mind. It is from there that we have to begin. We have to change our subconscious mind. It is from there that life begins to change for you.

Live as though you already are in love. 

Live as though you already are loving the person in question. Make believe that you are with them. How would you go to sleep if he or she was there, if you go shopping would you go alone now that you have found the love of your dreams? If you go clubbing would you go alone now that you found the love of your life? Live your life as though you are already in the relationship.

The love you are searching for might feel out of reach, but remember one thing; The more desperately you try to find him or her, the more love will not find you. 

Just relax and be yourself. Love yourself more. Go out and have fun. Do the things that if you were to be in a relationship you would not do them. Celebrate your uniqueness. Celebrate being single. When you are ready enough love will come to find you.

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