Money attracting methods that really work. Pt2 – Attract wealth using Law of Attraction VISION BOARDS

Money attracting methods that really work. Pt2 – Attract wealth using Law of Attraction VISION BOARDS

We all have dreams, whether it’s landing a once in a lifetime job or finding our ideal partner. Put your goals to paper and set up a vision board to help you manifest and attract your desires into your life. Harnessing the power of creative energy will turn you into a manifestation guru and transform your dreams into your reality  

A vision board is a collage of images that best represent your dearest wishes and desires. From your dream home to a year spent backpacking abroad you can unlock your dreams by creating a board full of pictures and affirmations of the desires that you are trying to manifest. It is a visual representation of everything that you wish to attract into your experience.

Be prepared to receive what you put on your vision board because it. is. potent. Vision boards are powerful and can help you to transition your life to heights that you could only ever dream of. Seeing your desires clearly laid out in front of you will align your vibration and focus your energy on the things that you want. When you can envision yourself living your dream life you will attract it and experience the best that the Law of Attraction has to offer.

It’s Time to Get Arty

Define Your Goals

Get clear on what you want and outline your life goals. Set some time aside to reflect and connect with your vision, knowing what you would like your life to look like will help you to create the best vision board for you. Your board should be full of images or affirmations that will fill you with excitement and expectation. If you’re not sure what it is that you want to manifest then think about how you want to feel. Ask yourself this: If I had an unlimited amount of wishes and each one would be granted, how would I feel? Once you establish your ideal feeling state the Universe will take care of the rest to deliver situations and experiences that will allow you to feel that way.

Get Inspired

Grab some magazines, newspapers, or even jump online and start to collect images or affirmations that best align with your goals. As you search for the right materials you will start to feel the enthusiasm and happiness that stems from knowing that what you want to manifest is coming to you. Let your creativity take the lead and trust your intuition as you select the pieces needed to make up your vision board. You can even source a picture of yourself to stick on your board – this will make the process more real and will allow you to clearly see yourself living your best life.  

Creating Your Vision Board

A vision board can be put together on a corkboard, a poster, or even on your wall – the choice is yours. Once you’ve established where you want to lay your pictures, start to stick them to your board, you can group them by category or just place them wherever feels right. This is your time to shine so do whatever is needed to make the experience feel special to you. You can decorate it, keep it minimal, write on it, or paint it – there is no right or wrong way to create a vision board. The trick is to put your unique and creative energy into the process so that you can manifest everything that you put together. 

Note: Not a fan of using good old fashioned paper? Create your vision board online instead! Use Pinterest, hop on photoshop, or create a PowerPoint presentation. It is entirely up to you. The key takeaway from this exercise is to feel good and invite more good feelings into your experience!

Bring It to Life

Once you’ve made your vision board and you’re happy with the end result, place it somewhere where you will see it often. Every time that you look at it let yourself connect to the emotions that it creates, fill yourself up with positive vibrations as you see your dream life laid out in front of you. Then close your eyes and say thank you, offering gratitude to the fact that you have received all that you have been asking for. Your vision board is sacred and personal, it is a tool that will do wonders for the quality of your life. 


Your creative flair, good vibrations, and visualization will bridge the connection between your fantasies and your physical life. We all grow and evolve as we go along so don’t be afraid to switch it up and update your vision board as you go along. Your vision board is a snapshot of the life that you want to lead, keep it relevant so that you may magnetize the contents of the images to you. 

Your vision board will become your accountability partner and will inspire you every time that you gaze upon it, pushing you forward toward your dreams. It is a wonderful reminder and motivational tactic that will pump you up with positive energy, ready for you to take inspired action and shift your mindset. 

Have fun with your vision board and make it an enjoyable activity that fills you with vitality and a new zest for life. Why not host a vision board party? Round up some friends and grab your boards and cutouts to create a fun-filled night of manifesting. However you wish to create your vision board the process itself is the ultimate way to conjure up the life that you want – open your heart and be prepared to receive.

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