Conquer your fears, finally!

Conquer your fears, finally!

Do you know why you have some fears? Do you understand where your fears are coming from? Here I will give you 3 ways to conquer your fears, finally.

Way to beat your fears #1

The first way to overcome your fear is to become aware of the fact that you create your fears with your thoughts. To understand how powerful your thoughts are. When you become aware of that, you will be able to take control over your thoughts, and at the same time, to beat your fears.

To become aware of these things, we will do a small exercise together. So, now, I ask you to sit up straight, to put your palms on your knees, and to relax your shoulders entirely. Breathe deeply, inhale, and exhale. Now, one more time, take a long deep breath in and breathe out nice and slow. Now, imagine yourself sitting in an office, that is inside high-rise building. Your office is on the highest floor of that building. From where you are, you can see the balcony. Go on, open the door, and go out on that balcony. You see that there is no fence on this balcony. You probably don’t want to go out on that balcony, but do it, go out anyway! You see other buildings, you can see the sky, you are very, very high. Now, move to the edge of the balcony. What kind of emotions you are sensing right now? Are you frightened?

Maybe you sensed some fear whilst doing this exercise. But the interesting thing is that you didn’t leave the safe place you are in right now. You weren’t on that balcony, you created the fear of heights in your mind! Can you now see the power of your thoughts and the power of visualization? You knew that you weren’t in this dangerous situation, and yet, your body experienced the fear anyway!

Way to beat your fears #2

The second way for beating your fear is to accept the fear you are dealing with. After you’ve understood that you’ve created the fear with your thoughts, accept that you do have this fear of something. When you accept that you have a specific fear, you can work on that fear, you can then confront it and begin working on removing that fear from your life.

Way to beat your fears #3

The third way to beat your fears is by confronting them. If you know that you are afraid of water, for example, you need to confront that fear in order to beat it. So what it is that you need to do? You need to literally step into the water. Go to a pool, go to the beach. Start with small steps. The first day, just observe the water. Step into the water the next day. Little by little, increase the “tasks”. Small steps and enough amount of time will help you to get rid of specific fear. With constant exposure, the fear dissipates. Stepping out of your comfort zone will help you to beat your fears.

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